Kai Destiny's Bio

Kai Destiny is a young female veteran screenwriter,actress and author, who went to the School for Film and Television in New York City. There she earned a reputation as being a dedicated worker on film sets. She won the title of Best Writer of the District because of her remarkable stories. Kai has spent many years working behind the scenes of various films perfecting her art of film making. Her efforts caught the attention of Joe Wheeler, CEO of Joe Wheeler Films a London based Production Company in which she later interned. That internship opened up the doors for other entertainment avenues for her. While on the set of Jengo Hooper, famed producer, actress and mogul Share Cherrie took notice of Kai’s exceptional work ethic. She offered Kai the opportunity to work with her on variety of upcoming projects, in which she accepted.

Kai has always felt like she has two purposes in her life. The first is to provide the world with phenomenal entertainment and the second is to give back to her community. She assists with several charitable organizations, such as the RED CROSS; UNICEF, Greenpeace, Children Incorporated in Richmond, VA, her local Church and she’s a strong LGBT Activist. Kai is a firm believer that you have to be the change you’d like to see in the world and that your actions will always speak louder than your words. 

With her diverse screenplays and unparallel work ethic she know she will achieve her lifelong goals of becoming an Honorary Ambassador, Golden Globe and Academy Award winner. Kai Destiny is the definition of the American Dream because she know where she came from in life didn’t mean that was where she was going to end up. She hopes her success will inspire others to make their dreams a reality by showing them anything you ask for in life, if you truly believe it, you will achieve it.

Kai Destiny