Fun Facts About

Kai Destiny

1. Kai's favorite color is red.

2. Born on August 1st.

3. She's a twin.

4. 5ft 6in tall.

5. She orders the same dish at IHOP restaurant every time: T-bone steak (well done), eggs scrambled with cheese, with cinnamon pancakes and strawberry lemonade.

6. Sleeps 4 hours or less a night.

7. Loves to ride motorcycles and has her motorcycle license.

8. She has never smoked.

9. She loves wearing watches because it reminds her that she only has 24 hours in a day.

10. Her guilty pleasure is Korean dramas (which probably contributes to her lack of sleep ^_^).

11. She washes her hands before and after using the restroom.

12. Kai absolutely adores in her fans and often corresponds with them personally (^_^    @RealKaiDestiny).

13. Loves thunderstorms, rain and snow.

14. Favorite salad dressing is French.

15.  Kai eats LAYS BBQ chips when she's writing screenplays, songs, books or drawing.

16. She collects key chains from all over the world.

17. She takes the crust off of her bread before eating it.

18.She's learning Korean.

19. She's a firm believer you're never too old to watch cartoons, anime or Power Rangers. ^_^

20. She listens to Christmas music throughout the year.

21. Kai actually enjoys going to the dentist.

22. Blood Type: B Positive.


Kai Destiny